An Inventive Approach To Home Design: Maverick Style

maverick styleArising from the name of the popular Top Gun character, maverick style interior design is just like him – unconventional with no respect of the standard rules of design. This type of style appeals predominantly to young and rebellious spirits, giving them free reign over their own homes while requiring a significant amount of imagination. If you are bold enough to try this inventive approach to home design, the maverick style might be exactly what you need.

No Rules

Though maverick style is derived somewhat from modern design, it lacks the rules that would typically guide a designer. The lack of rules leaves your options limitless, allowing you to combine contrasting patterns and metals without worrying about the way it blends. The lack of rules fascinates and charms the younger generations, encouraging them to defy the standards set forth by authority figures before them.

Young and Hip

Just like the typical individual who chooses maverick design, this style is known for its explosive and wild outlook. The renter or homeowner that chooses this look must be inventive and creative to form a cohesive look, if that is what you want. However, since you do not to follow any rules as stated above, there is no reason to make your home look like it was put together with any particular guideline. The surplus of colors lets you enjoy the full extent of your fiery personality, including all the color and shapes you want to see in your home.


Maverick interior design is wild, to say the least. Individuals who prefer the maverick style have unsual and unconventional tastes, which translates into their home décor. Someone with this style preference may combine a simple comforter with an oversized pillow of many colors. The most fun aspect of putting this type of style together is the joining of different furniture and accessories to create a loud and fun look. The maverick style can be in any room, randomly choosing your favorite colors for wall art, furniture, and accessories around your home.

Challenge Normal Décor

Most individuals are attracted to the maverick interior design because of the ability to decorate their home with whatever colors and materials they want with no regard to society’s interior design rules. This theme may not be for every person, but choosing the maverick style may be a young person’s only opportunity to fully express his or her ingenuity. Take a moment to imagine your home without regard for rules or color combinations, giving yourself the gift of freedom while decorating.

Advantages To Linen Fabric In Home Design

linen fabricLinen fabric is a versatile and strong material, usually making an appearance in towels and sheets. However, in recent years, linen is being utilized to create a country theme in many homes. The versatility of this material allows you to use it with just about any furniture or accessories. Linen has found its place in current trends with its many desirable characteristics.

Healthy for Your Family

The hypoallergenic quality of the linen makes it a smart choice for any family with allergies. Linen is one of the cleanest fabrics available today, featuring tightly woven fibers to prevent dust from settling in your couch cushions, your drapery, and other upholstered furniture. Linen is made of vegetable fiber, meaning that is all-natural and healthy for the environment as well. The combination of all of these traits makes linen anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, giving you a safer way to reinvent your home.


Linen is one of the strongest fabrics available today, making it a useful fabric to include if you share your home with children or typically have high traffic in your living areas. This material is also breathable, comfortably keeping you from getting too cold or warm while relaxing. Unlike carpeting and cotton fabrics, linen does not hold static electricity due to its construction, so it is safe to use in children’s bedrooms and the living room without the risk of spontaneously shocking your family and guests. Linen is usually appealing to homeowners since it holds dye relatively well and is resistant to fading over time.

Easy Access

Due to linen’s growing appeal in home décor trends, obtaining it is now easier than ever. Since it is prone to wrinkling, professionals recommend using linen to upholster furniture in a formal living room that has less traffic. Many website around the world offer sales on linen fabric, depending on your intended uses. Most companies offer a variety of linen textures, including sheer gauze, twill, cotton blends, and more.

Using Linen at Home

The majority of linen options come in a solid color, producing an accent piece with bold colors or a simple neutral tone for a chicer look. To get the best deal, seek out clearances at your local home furnishings or fabric store. Incorporating linen into your home décor is a simple and easy, giving your home a refined look straight out of a southern-living magazine.

Interior Design Singapore – How To Engage The Best Interior Designer

Once you’ve decided to buy your HDB home or private housing in Singapore, choosing a professional interior designer to help with your home renovation project is necessary. Even if you have a complete idea of your ideal home done by interior design singapore consultants on how you want your home to look, you should still speak with a Singaporean interior designer from a professional renovation contractor agency to make sure that your dream can become a reality. With potential changes to structure and flooring, a renovation contractor has the experience needed to determine the best approach, offering insight you may not have considered previously. To find the right interior designer, use a few different techniques to narrow down your search.
Interior Design Singapore

Interior Design Singapore Agencies Online

Being in the digital age, you can look online to find various companies that are capable of handling your renovation. Search engines generate a long list of home interior designers in Singapore, but finding the right one requires a little more digging. A reputable company often has a website with a portfolio of designs they have already completed, letting new clients see the extent of their skills.

You can also engage the best interior design Singapore agency for your home renovation by using website middleman that matches home owners with interior designers.

Some design businesses even have apps you can download onto your smartphone, allowing you to browse through looks that you like and save pictures for reference. You can find much of the information you need about a company on their website, including a phone number or electronic form to request an appointment.

Interior Design Singapore Recommendations From Friends & Relatives

Singapore Interior Design

Speak to other friends and also your relatives who have recently used a Singapore home renovation or interior design company to renovate their home. Unlike online reviews and company websites, a friend is able to give you a personal look in their home of a specific company’s quality. A friend or coworker gives an unbiased opinion on how well the company stuck to their timelines or how true they were to their cost estimate. The best part about using a friend as a reference is the ability to inspect the work a company has completed.

Interior Designers In Singapore – Know Your Budget

Interior Designer Singapore

Before you meet with any interior designer companies, you need to know how much you are willing to spend while renovating your home. Preparing a financial plan gives a Singapore interior designer an idea of how much planning needs to go into minimizing the cost of your renovation. Meeting with an interior design company also helps you to see the overall cost of your original design and renovation plans, determining if you need to modify your limit or your changes.

Final Advice For Engaging The Best Interior Design Singapore Agency

The best step towards finding the top designer is to schedule an appointment with your top choices. Meeting with different designers lets you see which renovation contractor in Singapore has the best idea of what you want and is the most willing to work with your budget. Once you choose the best company for your personal preferences, you are a step closer to your ideal interior design plans for your new home.

Singapore Landed Home Interior Design: How To Make A Statement

landed home interior designAs you find the right landed home interior design for your property, you want to be able to make a bold statement that is universally appealing. Landed homes are used for personal use or to rent out to another tenant. For that reason, you need to incorporate décor that easily blended with anyone’s style and preferences. Use a few different techniques to get the look you want for you to live in or to rent out to a new occupant

Using Color

Even if you want to make the rooms appear neutral, add depth by painting one wall a different color. This color gives the room a natural focal point, helping any inhabitant to decorate accordingly. Color impacts the whole living space, creating the illusion of more space with a brighter color. Window treatments are another simple way to integrate the use of color, while still giving your tenants the option of changing the colors to their preference.

Create Built-In Storage

If you want to rent out your unit, use built-in storage space along the walls or cabinets, so it is available for the next tenant. Simple shelving is an easy way to incorporate this extra space, while also giving a sense of organization. Offering storage space helps to prevent clutter in the room and maintain cleanliness easily, making your landed property more appealing to potential occupants.

Use Lighter Carpeting and Flooring

A carpet or floor with a lighter color helps to make a room welcoming and soft. Though you can select a standard beige or off-white color, you can choose from a variety of neutral tones that blend with any individual’s personal style. If you want to rent out a furnished landed home, choose a simple rug with a blend of neutral colors to blend easily with the new tenant’s belongings as well.

Universal Appeal

Since many landed homes are rented out to new occupants, choosing colors and additions to your home that are universally appealing can be difficult. However, there are many options to customize your property and give it the extra effort to make a bold statement. With the right colors and storage, you can provide the necessities for a unit to appeal to every potential occupant. If you need assistance, a Singaporean interior designer is able to help you find the right motif to sell or rent out your property quickly.

Home Interior Design Ideas: You Can Get Them From Anywhere

home design ideasWhen you are looking for home interior design ideas to renovate your home, you can spot the right motif just about anywhere. Inspiration could strike anywhere. For example, a stroll outdoors can inspire you to integrate wood into your coffee table. You could be at lunch with a friend and notice the metal on your server’s necklace, inspiring you to frame your photographs in a metal motif. Any place can give you the motivation you need to completely redesign your home.

Shop Your Local Home Furnishings Store

A home-furnishing store is a helpful place to browse if you are not certain what type of furniture or wall décor is available locally. Sometimes, stores and art galleries offer unique pieces that cannot be found on websites or through online purchases. In addition, searching in a store for pieces you like allows you to purchase those items right away to integrate into your home.

Interior Design Singapore

Review Interior Design Websites 

A quick search on any search engine finds thousands of websites and Singapore interior design blogs that are dedicated to redecorating your home. If you know what theme you want, search for that specific theme to find plenty of results of variations of those styles. If you don’t know where to begin, user-driven websites like Pinterest offer pages to browse through for home décor ideas. If you like a particular bedframe or color scheme, bookmark the page or save it on your own profile for reference later.

 Check Out the Décor of Your Friends’ Homes

If you do not know how to integrate what you want into your home, your friends are a great resource to show how they applied their personal preferences to their home décor. Checking out a friend’s home allows you to see how they translated various styles to a high-quality motif. If you see specific pieces that you enjoy or a color you want to match, all you need to do is ask your friend for a referral to their resources.

Be Inspired

The most fun and exciting part of redecorating your home is discovering the different options available. During your research, you may find that you enjoy the texture of real wood or the color of a nail polish that you want to add to your house. The most important part of redecorating your home is finding the right look between functionality and your unique personality; with the right research, you are on your way to achieving harmonious balance.

Who Builds DBSS Flats In Singapore?

DBSS flat in SingaporeA DBSS flat in Singapore is a Design, Build and Sell Scheme property developed by the Housing and Development Board, originating in 2001. These properties are designed for high-income buyers who prefer a refined and luxurious home design. Each DBSS property is owned by a private developer in Singapore that determines the purchase price, since these developments were not previous regulated financially. This lack of regulation caused the project to be suspended until recently.

Private Owner

If a developer wishes to build a DBSS property, he must first bide the land from the Housing and Development Board. It is the responsibility of the developer to take over the entire project, controlling the planning and construction of the flat before selling the units to potential owners. Due to new regulations for the pricing and sale of these units, the available properties have similar eligibility requirements as the new HDB flats available.

HDB DBSS Flat REnovation


The majority of DBSS flats built before construction suspension were in Boon Keng, Bishan, Toa Payoh, and other high-quality areas. Prior to November 2015, there were 13 established properties with 8,533 units total. Kingsford Development Pte Ltd holds the contract for the latest project, located at the north end of Hill view Avenue. The developer expects construction and design to be completed in November 2016. If you are interested in this property or future properties, fill out an online form on the developer’s website to show your interest in one of their 99-year leases.


In 2011, a set of DBSS flats were created by privately owned Sim Lian Group Limited, providing five-room units at expensive prices. The extravagant prices led to poor reception from the public to shut down the project all together. It was not until recently that the DBSS suspension was lifted and additional units because available to the public for purchase.

Recent Changes

As of November 2015, many private developers have spaces available for buyers within the Singapore area. Adora Green, Belvia, and Parkland Residences are just a few of the properties with immediate units for purchase. These properties have up to four bedrooms per unit at reasonable prices for individuals who want a high-quality home of their own. Only citizens of Singapore are able to purchase a DBSS flat, as stated by local regulations that prohibit non-citizens from owning land or property within the country. Contact one of the private developers to find the available units in your area.

Where To Learn Interior Design Basics?

You live in an age where every bit of information is at your disposal, so finding out where to learn interior design is simple. Your first step is deciding how much you want to know. Some individuals want to know enough about interior design to redecorate their home; other people want to become a licensed interior designer. There are different tools and information you need for either task, but both options are possible.


Become a Professional

Many colleges and schools offer an education in interior design and design for those who wish to pursue a career in that major. Interior design programs usually cover information on various trendy themes, while also discussing the customer service side in mediating between the client and the sub-contractor. Not every interior design company requires a license. Going through a training program helps you to learn the basics, even if you do not intend to pursue a professional path in interior design.

Review Magazines

Multiple magazines emphasize the importance of knowing the “decorating basics” before starting any home renovation project. Popular publications like Better Homes & Gardens or Elle Décor show off various trends and styles in the interior design world, helping to guide you through the basics of any renovation. Articles vary through each issue, providing you with new information each month for an informed opinion as you create your idea of how you want your home to look.


Many websites have dedicated pages to learning the basics of interior design to keep you on the right track during the decorating process. Since every website details different information you should have, choose the site that is most applicable to your decorating needs. If you need to seek out the professional opinion of someone, multiple companies have detailed websites and a contact number to speak with a professional. A simple search on any popular search engine can guide you to the articles that discuss the foundational knowledge you need for your particular task.

What Should You Know?

The key to redecorating your living space is applying your personal style and working within the space you have. Read various decorating articles or take a course at your local university to get a more in-depth look at style and harmony as you prepare for any home renovation. Having an informed opinion is your best chance at creating the living space you want and deserve. When adding patterns, colors, or accessories, remember that less clutter means a more professional look all around.